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Our Approach


Creating unique methods to solve unique problems is nothing new, but knowing how to do it with children and parents is a particular type of skill. For us, it's about knowing who we are talking to and creating the right environment to put all respondents at ease.

For our work with children we’ve borrowed a wide range of techniques from play, education and children’s entertainment. This helps us to build trust quickly and gives the children confidence to tell us what they really think - not what they think we want to hear.

With parents, we’ve worked hard to understand their motivations, needs, desires and emotions. We think understanding the really difficult job of parenting is the first step to really great insight.

Sometimes we’ll spend a day at their home. Sometimes we’ll set them a series of tasks to video and upload to our secure platform. Sometimes we’ll meet a huge group of respondents for a massive workshop. We do what we need to do to create the right context and environment to discover something we didn’t know at the start of the session.




Unconventional and creative techniques that generate insightful and actionable results..


We don't just report. Our qualitative research focuses on deeply understanding the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of a required brief. We do this by applying our 4ft Thinking and Mumsight tools as well as drawing on our 15 years in the family market. Our recruitment process identifies the most appropriate respondents to work with and our methodologies are always developed from their perspective. We create bespoke explorative sessions with consumers that offer brands a unique window on the world of their customers.


Uncovering how consumers engage with their world means spending time on their patch and on their terms. Ethnography is particularly insightful when identifying attitudes and perspectives of the modern family. We are able to capture everyday patterns and behaviours and the ethnographic context allows us to identify the emotional drivers behind them. These individual life snapshots are filmed by researchers or consumers themselves, (self-ethnography) using our proprietal digital technology to provide an even richer insight into their lives.

Consumer Immersion

Collaborative workshops which reveal the inner workings of your consumer group. To create products, content or marketing for the family market, it is imperative to look through the child’s eyes. We develop this capability in our clients. Our researchers and experts can facilitate workshops with you to map out your target audiences’ landscape and better understand them as consumers. We can focus the sessions around a particular theme or we can take a wider perspective and devleop the knowledge capital throughout your business.

Brand Analysis

Revealing the emotional and cognitive drivers behind your brand appeal. Sometimes it's good to have an outside perspective - particularly in a specialist marketplace. To fully grasp a brand’s appeal, we make it our business to identify the emotional and cognitive drivers which connect people with products. We explore the primary and secondary audience, the key influencers, trends and the perceptions that already exist in the category. We unpack the personality, positioning and use a range of analysis tools to understand where the opportunity for the brand lies.

Concept Development

A co-creative path from idea generation to the final result. The development of category leading concepts requires new ways of seeing. We create innovative and engaging co-creation processes for consumers and clients. As we facilitate the process we decode patterns of thought with the delegates to generate rich seams of insight. Our product experts then filter and develop these using a range of tools before presenting insight based, consumer validated concepts.

User Testing

Looking at the product through the eyes of the consumer. Most successful products in the family market should be tested with consumers before launch. Our researchers facilitate user testing in order to make key recommendations in improving content - whether it’s a digital interface for a children’s app, or a new recipe and food packaging concept. Children interact with products in very different ways and just because they are children it doesn’t mean one size fits all. And we never forget that it's mum and dad that pay the bill...


Actionable validation. We LOVE numbers. There’s safety in them. Our quantitative researchers obtain, examine, analyse and interpret statistical data to help you make more informed decisions. We create succinct and engaging online surveys from consumer panels or client databases to further validate key consumer attitudes outlined in qualitative findings.

Consumer Groups

Our research experts have experience working with a comprehensive range of consumer groups.

Infants & Pre-School

We have three specialist pre-school researchers – each expert with the youngest ones as well as at building trust with mum. Sometimes we'll even arrange the childcare some mum isn't distracted. We use observation, play and storytelling rather than a discussion guide and we video everything - sometimes there's so much going on you can miss the magic.

5 – 7

What we call “Real” Childhood. A really challenging age group that need a particular blend of facilitation techniques to feel most at home. Our research approaches are always aligned with the development stage of the child - its about making the tasks fun and accessible so that the children are comfortable and just excited enough to be thinking really hard!

8 - 12

These children are moving through the final stage of child development and are hurtling toward young adulthood. The range of abilities in these four short years is very wide and so we use specific "in roll" techniques. Getting the most from this age group is about empowering them - letting them know just how what they share will influence the end result - they get and give the very most from the experience in this way.

13 – 15

Teens need to be heard and we’re very good at listening to them. We’ve developed a range of techniques that empower and engage teens to download what they really think. A life led in a personal media bubble driven by technology is a complex’s never easy being a teenager...and perhaps its more difficult than ever today - we understand this very, very well.


It’s all about mum. She’s the gatekeeper, the decision maker and the expert on her children. It is fundamental to the success of every family brand to get mum onside. We’ve worked incredibly hard over the years to have a deep and robust understanding of what pleases, influences and challenges mum. And we share it with our clients.


Dad is six times more likely to treat the kids than mum. So that makes him interesting. And a large commercial opportunity. Brands often forget to talk to dad – we don’t. Dad can give you an alternate perspective on his family and their interactions with your brand that might just reveal something you’ve never thought of...


We work with teachers, Health Care Professionals and Local Government to understand the wider impact of some of the programmes and ideas we develop for our clients. It is vital to have an understanding of the context for each of these groups before working with them in order that we can cut through the superficial and get to the heart of the matter.

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