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A 'frosty' reception for John Lewis

Posted November 6, 2014, By Natalie Honan, Creative Producer


This morning, we’ve had a few differing opinions on the new John Lewis ad. On the most part, everyone’s been brought to tears, or somewhere close! A couple of us were slightly more cynical though, not quite getting the same sentiment from this as we have with previous offerings.
Then I saw a link to the “Monty & Mabel” range in-store. Alarm bells...

In total there are 39 unique products in the ‘Monty and Mabel’ range – from clothing to furnishings. So which came first? The Penguin (Advert) or the egg (product range)?
I mean it’s great business sense. They know how popular the adverts are, and the revenue they generate...so why not be prepared with a whole range for the inevitable rush?  All the items are helpfully labelled: “AS SEEN IN OUR TV ADVERT”, so if your child has fallen in love with Monty or Mabel, you buy them a 50cm plush toy for just £95... but of course they would be sad without the other – the advert says so – so make that £190 for the pair.


I’m anticipating backlash from this, and I’m wondering if anyone over there at John Lewis are also.
It’s a worry that John Lewis have gone from the wholesome, heartwarming sentiment of a boy so excited for Christmas, only to find out that his excitement is to give his parents a carefully chosen present...to a highly anticipated advert seeming to promote love at Christmas, but having a massive weight of ready-to-go product behind it. It sort of kills the magic, doesn’t it?
Is this the future of the John Lewis Christmas? After seeing under the bonnet, we’re left pretty cold.

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