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Do, or do not. There is no 'try'.

Posted April 24, 2014, By Gary Pope, Client Director

On a recent visit to South Africa, right in the middle of Woolworths (the South African Marks & Spencer) was this wonderful piece of reassuring signage. It's right where all the children's clothes are.


It says: "This heart symbolises all the things we are doing to make a difference in the world. When you see it on our products you know they were grown, made or packaged in a way that's kind to the planet."

​Massive statement for a retailer in an emerging (sort of) market. Massively important to many of the middle classes that spend the vast majority of this country's retail Rand, and particularly parents, who are clearly being targeted as they move through the children's clothing. Good move, Woolies. Or so I thought.

As you can see, half of the all-important heart symbol is covered by a rack of clothes. None of which carry the symbol. In fact, I couldn't find anything that had the heart on it. So I asked a very nice lady.

She thought for a moment, and slowly - with a modicum of embarrassment - she recalled the symbol, paused and then said "Oh. That's mostly for our organic food.". 

I went to the food hall. I found some sweetcorn and a packet of sausages.

I was heart-broken.

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