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Posted July 26, 2011, By Gary Pope, Client Director

Apparently, children are able to predict the future.

It’s true.

There’s been research done and everything. A recent report for the research company, Latitude, has said that kids seem increasingly able to predict the future of technology.

The reality is that Latitude – a very good research company from the US – has identified that in terms of technology application children’s imaginations seem to be on the money.

It might be interesting. It might be true. But it really isn’t news. I’ve said it before; technology is anything that was invented after you were born.

Our children do not know a world without ISDN and 3G. So, the only way to think is what comes next, right? If your frame of reference takes in all that is technologically advanced and you’re asked to think what might come next then it’s a given that you’re going to be thinking forward…and technology, the dimension that separates us from the animal kingdom (unless you’re a Mandrill) does have a funny way of being predictable.

Whether it’s useful or not is another question – but it is easily predictable.

As adults our developed brains need to be able to reason the why and how something works – we can’t stop ourselves. Children don’t need to. They accept because they are there in the moment. No preconceptions and muddled perceptions to process and filter. It’s back to the old VCR thing. We could work it and could envision a world of movies on demand, whereas our parents struggled to find the on switch. Today we’re blown away by Kinect and the children are impatient for thought control. Quite right too.

These are the future scientists, engineers, and the Barak Obama’s (can you imagine the state of the oval office after a marathon Modern Warfare 27 session?) And when that happens, it will be their children that are driving where the technological world is heading. As Elton once sang: It’s the (digital) circle of life – and it’s perpetual, it’s going to keep on evolving and we, as immigrants need to get with the natives and stop mumbling.

Society evolves and technology is absolutely, undeniably the driver for this. The acceleration of the human race is achieved through the application of ideas on technology. So can we please stop being so amazed by children using tech and start support their adoption of it?

Not to get all soft and sentimental because it really isn’t my style, but, the children are our future and if that’s the case then we all have a responsibility to embrace technology with our children but of course that’s no good unless they learn how to make the world a better place too.


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